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Looking For Local Construction Companies in Centurion?

We provide quality and affordable building and construction services in Centurion


Johachisi Construction is a reliable and experienced construction company in Centurion offering a 1st CLASS building and construction service in the Centurion area for property developers and investors, home and business owners. We provide quality construction and building solutions for industrial, commercial and residential building projects, delivering quality construction projects that run on time and within budget. As a local building contractor in Centurion, we can handle any construction task assigned, from a simple plumbing or electrical installation, a property extension or renovation, to a large scale construction project for local commercial or housing developments in the Centurion area.

If you need QUALITY building construction and maintenance services in Centurion with a professional touch then contact us TODAY!

Commercial and Industrial Construction

Commercial and Industrial Building Construction in Centurion
We pride ourselves on offering an extensive number of professional industrial and commercial construction services to our nearby customers in the Centurion area. Our quality services for commercial and industrial construction range from medium scale structures, to smaller scale refurbishments and repair work.


  • Commercial and industrial property development
  • Electrical work, plumbing, carpentry and painting
  • Waterproofing and welding services
  • Roofing, flooring, tiling and walls
  • Refurbishments, repairs and maintenance
  • CCTV and physical security installations
  • Industrial roller shutter installations

Residential Building and Renovations

Residential Home Building Construction and Renovations in Centurion
Our local residential building and construction services in Centurion involve projects ranging from house maintenance and repairs and simple home remodels, to complete new home builds and turnkey multi-apartment estates. We provide sound construction services for building homes from start to finish.


  • New home building developments
  • Home renovations and extensions
  • Painting and decorating, plastering and tiling
  • Installation of gate motors, walls and fencing
  • Garage door and roller shutter installation
  • Residential roofing and ceilings
  • Plumbing, electrical installations and wiring


Centurion Commercial and Industrial Construction Services
Centurion House, Home and Residential Building Services

  • Building and Maintenance

We oversee the construction and maintenance of both new and old buildings and structures in Centurion, covering the external and internal construction of roofs, ceilings, walls and floors; making any building look new again.

  • Tiling Services

We offer professional tiling services in Centurion for commercial buildings and residential properties. Whether a new building project or during renovations we will expertly prepare, lay, grout, and seal tiles, leaving a beautifully finished surface.

  • Roofing Construction and Ceiling Installation

We provide ceiling installations, repairs, and roofing construction services in Centurion for new and old households, industrial factories and commercial offices. If you have a deteriorated roof or ceiling that needs repairing or replacing, we can help.

  • Electrical Installation Services

Our electricians in Centurion are second to none, providing expert electrical installation, repairs and testing services for new or old electrical systems. We provide business and home electrical services in the area for new and old buildings by skilled electrical contractors.

  • Painting, Decorating, Welding and Waterproofing

Our welding, waterproofing, painting and decorating services in Centurion are perfect for new buildings, homes and offices, but we also offer waterproofing and paint decoration for existing roofs and structures that need a little touch-up to make them shine again.

  • Carpentry and Plumbing Services

Our carpentry and plumbing services in Centurion are carried out by our professional and experienced carpenters and plumbers that can transform any room, kitchen, bathroom or other interior room, into something amazing. We will install your bath, shower, fitted cupboards, and everything in-between.

  • Physical Security Installation

House and business owners want to protect their property in Centurion, we understand that, and so as part of our building and construction services in the area we offer an integrated security installation service where we install secure entry and alarm systems, CCTV, burglar doors, security gates, palisade fencing and perimeter walls to keep your property safe.


Are you planning a construction project in Centurion and want some expert service advice?
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